Hard Water? Limescale? Aqua-Rex Electronic Water Softener will prevent new limescale and remove existing scale. Now distributed exclusively by Cullen Company.

Aqua-Rex is the name used in the United States for the British Electronic Water Softener called Water-King which is designed and manufactured by Lifescience Products Ltd.

To date, more than 250,000 installations worldwide, Water-King is an advanced electronic device that has been used for the treatment of hard water since 1993. It is widely used in homes, schools, offices, factories and hotels with many hundreds of thousands installed and successfully working. Now, local residents also can enjoy the many benefits of this device, the only one of its kind to have been scientifically tested to deliver partially softened hot water.

Water-King electronic water conditioners are some of the most powerful devices of their type: By using the latest electronic technology, this revolutionary product is able to produce results comparable in performance to much larger, more expensive systems at a much lower cost.

The Aqua-Rex device differs from most available non-chemical water conditioning devices on the market today because it applies an electric field to water inside the pipes, rather than a magnetic field.

The device is easy to fit with low running costs with include numerous benefits to home and business owners that include: 

  • removing existing lime scale
  • preventing new lime scale from forming
  • saving energy costs
  • retaining healthy minerals

Cullen Company LLC of Neptune is the exclusive Aqua-Rex distributor for New Jersey, Eastern New York, Vermont, Western Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Aqua-Rex is available for purchase through your local plumbing wholesaler.
For more information, contact Aqua-Rex@cullencompany.com or visit www.cullencompany.com